Threatened Series

"Species are produced and exterminated by slowly acting causes…and the most important of all causes of organic change is one which is almost independent of altered…physical conditions, namely the mutual relation of organism to organism-the improvement of one organism entailing the improvement or extermination of others".

Charles Darwin. The Origin of Species. 1859.

The earth is a tough planet.  Everything is in a state of flux – it has always has been that way. Mass extinctions have occurred before.  They are not new. The current ongoing event is different. Unlike previous ones, humans have accelerated the rate of evolution of life on earth. The images from the Threatened series combine the past with the present.  The future is unwritten.

The series was produced using the nineteenth-century collodion process in which the hues, tones and serendipitous imperfections of the process combine with the subject matter to convey the disturbing present reality of the world’s threatened creatures and the bleak future they face.

Specimens used for the series came from various sources including: The Canadian Museum of Nature, the Algonquin Provincial Park Specimen & Archives Collection, the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa and from private collections.